I'm Tom. I live in Lille, France.
I'm a senior JavaScript developer, focusing on frontend frameworks such as React, Vue.js, and Svelte.

About me

I've been entitled with technical leadership on such technologies before:

Frontend software architect, Auchan.fr (back-office)

  • Gave a talk about React to the technical crew
  • Used it as a proof of concept on one application
  • Extracted and designed a tailored Flux implementation out of it
  • Set it up as the foundation for the whole information system's frontend stack
  • Coached my peers and reviewed their code
  • Wrote documentation and tutorials
  • Contributed to open-source software, e.g. Symfony

Lead frontend developer, Synbioz

  • Learned Vue.js and taught it to my team, through a talk and a tutorial I wrote
  • Coached them and reviewed their code
  • Architectured the whole frontend codebase of the company's biggest client's information system
  • Authored several internal libraries and published them on a private NPM registry
  • Wrote articles for Synbioz
  • Contributed to more open-source software, e.g. ESLint

I currently work for Critizr.

Talks and writings

I also spoke about React and Flux at FranceJS events, which I took part in setting up.
There are some nifty articles on my own blog, too, and I wrote (in French) for Putain de code ! and 24 jours de web as well.

My speciality

I make JavaScript code awesome by spicing it up with the following mix:

Other skills

I also have significant experience on various matters, such as:

Want to work with me?

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I'll come back to you as soon as possible.